Brandon Enterprises 
Digital Multimedia Company

Brandon Enterprises is a multi-faceted production facilities for the New Millennium.
The company is equipped with the latest technology to meet the needs of  the Digital Domain.
lnternet Services, Web Designing & Consulting, Video, Television, Motion Pictures,
Record Production, Original Compositions and Music Libraries:

N' House Records and Studios   CEO

Music Composition and Production for TV : GENE SIMMONS - FAMILY JEWELS for A&E,
It Only Hurts When I Laugh for TruTV , Doctors Behind Bars for the Discovery Health Channel,
Make Me Superhuman for National Geographic, Lockup for MSNBC, The Macy's 4th of July
Parade in NY, Paley Holiday Special 2010 for Fox TV, Pit Boss  for the Animal Planet Network,
Pit Bulls & Parolees for the Animal Planet Network, Rehab: Party At The Hard Rock Hotel for
Tru TV,The Millionaire Matchmaker for Bravo,The Squeeze for MSNBC, Code 9 & Kickin It
for The Disney ,First Week In for Discovery Channel, America Caught on Tape & America Caught   
on Camera for the Travel Channel, Wicked Tuna for the National Geographic, Ancient Aliens for the
History Channel.

Robby Krieger from the Doors   2011 Grammy Nominated Best Pop Instrumental Album of the Year:

Producer, Composer, Arranger, and Bassist.

BBESOUND.COM   Producer, Consultant, Music Editor, Artist Consultant.

ROXIO.COM   Music Advisor and User

G&L Guitars    Website  Theme & Concept ,Producer, Consultant, Music Editor.

N' House Records : " Milcho Leviev "  2  CD  " A Voyage Again " &  "Mucho Gusto "  Producer and Bassist

N' House Records : H.O.B.O.TRYBE " Fresh Off The Train " Producer and Composer.

N' House Records : Brandino  " Midnight Fantasy "  Producer, Artist, Composer.

N' House Records : Brandino  " Brandino Live "  Producer, Artist, Composer, Arranger.

N' House Records : Brandino  " Summertime "   Producer, Artist, Composer, Arranger.

The Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin Tribute Records for Europe  2004 : Producer, Arranger, Bassist, Internet Producer

Legend Games : " Homeworld " and  " Gateway 2 " : Music Composition.

Novalogic Games : " Wolfpak " : Music Composition.

Disney : " Stunt Island " and " Hare Raising Havoc/ Sega "  : Music Composer.

Pomeroy Productions : " Man Walking " : Music Production Studio.

Coca Cola Company : " Coke and Diet Coke Comerials ". Japan  :  Music Composer and Production.

CBS TV : " Ordinary/ Extraordinary "      Music Composer.

ABC TV : " Loving", " Human Target "      Music Composer.

NBC TV : Award Wining " Santa Barbara " and " BabyBrokers "    Music Composer and Production.

Motown Records : " Desiree Coleman "   Music Production.

Capitol Records :  " Peggi Blu "  and  " Bert Robinson "  Music Production.

MCA Records : " Body "       Music Producions.

The Psychic Revival Network Theme  for Cable TV : Composer, Bassist.

Hollywood Uncensored  Reality Show Cable TV : Composer

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